NetworkManager Connectivity Checking service (est. 2017)

Introduction | Usage | Technical Details


The Quadronyx Connectivity Checking service is designed for checking your Internet connection's Internet connectivity (such as from NetworkManager)


You can set the Quadronyx checking URI ( http://c.qdnx.org/connected/ or https://c.qdnx.org/connected/ ) in your NetworkManager configuration file. eg.
# Overrides: /usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d/20-connectivity.conf

# To disable:
# Quadronyx
This file will most likely be somewhere like:
Or a custom configuration, such as:
For more information, see the NetworkManager.conf(5) man page.

Technical Details

The Quadronyx checking page ( http://c.qdnx.org/connected/ or https://c.qdnx.org/connected/ ) returns a 200 page found code, containing the default NetworkManager string "NetworkManager is online". It also sets the "X-NetworkManager-Status" header to the value "online".

The "Content-Length" header is set to hopefully ensure the quickest return time possible.

Lastly, the "Pragma", "Cache-Control" and "Expires" headers are set to try to avoid proxy caching.

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